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Technical Solutions

Hydraulic Technical Solutions

Suitable solutions for hydraulic technical challenges. That’s our goal. At this point Dégra came up with multiple hydraulic technical solutions. Lately, a second opinion on a machine and improving a hydraulic system.

Many technical solutions

In general we provide many options. Although our expertise is in the field of hydraulics, in short a list of the many options:

  • Firstly, new construction and prototyping.
  • Solving problems in existing hydraulic systems.
  • Technical project management.
  • Inspection and certification.
  • Engineering support.
  • Repair and overhaul.
  • Material management.
  • Equipment management.
  • At last, troubleshoot hydraulics.

Technical questions asked

Furthermore a list of the issues that are submitted to us:

  • Firstly, how can we avoid downtime with this equipment?
  • Noisy machines. What can we do about vibration in the hydraulic system?
  • Can Degra upgrade our outdated system/ machine?
  • The oil in the system is getting too hot?
  • And lastly, we need to reduce the number of filter replacements?

Long lasting, little maintenance and little noise

Our base idea is: A well-designed system lasts a long time, requires little maintenance and makes as little noise as possible.

Systems are designed for one specific application. With this in mind we take into account the work intensity and the circumstances in which the machine or system works. For example a machine that’s used every day, outside near seawater will face a different approach than equipment used only once a year and stored protected. We adapt our working method, expectations and solution accordingly.

Development in drive technology

At the moment there is continuous development in drive technology, hydraulics and control technology. This provides new possibilities for existing systems. For example, with new components we can often reduce noise and equipment downtime.

Upgrade outdated installations

Discarding outdated machines is unnecessary. By upgrading machines and installations we are able to revive them. Besides overhauling we can also provide inspection and certificates Another option is to make production lines more energy-efficient. Both upgrading, overhauling and providing certificates are in our field of expertise.

In our workshop or at location

Above mentioned modifications we carry out on location or in our workshop.

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