Radial piston motors

Hägglunds Viking

In marine applications, particularly with tough winches, the Viking motor is known to provide the best available control of torque (line pull) regardless of speed. This reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity by reducing the risk of snagging or equipment breakdowns. True free-wheeling and a very low moment of inertia are some other features that has made the Viking so popular in even the most demanding environments. True to its name, the Viking is a genuinely tough motor.

Hägglunds Atom

The Atom takes over from the existing Hägglunds CAb – supplying not only more revolutions per minute, but also far more power than motors of similar size.

Hägglunds CA

Tough and powerful in a compact design delivering long service life and reliable operations in harsh environments

Hägglunds CB

Tough and rugged with a wide range of sizes and displacements this motor is the perfect choice for demanding marine and industrial applications.

Hägglunds CBm

The world’s highest torque-to-weight ratio. Lets you handle more work with less space, less energy and less weight on the driven shaft, from industry to offshore.

Hägglunds CBp

The most powerful Hägglunds motor ever. Operating at higher speeds with increased efficiency, it opens new opportunities for drive solutions in new applications.