Everything under hydraulic control



Winch with load cell read out


Hydraulc system for cutter Beaver


5t Hoisting winches with geared cam switch


Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit


Jack-up system for pontoon

We engineered a jack-up system for the new Jack Up Barge of our customer. Complete with cylinders winches and a high-end 4 x 45 kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit integrated in a 20ft container.

Constant tension winches


50t winches with ratchet

For extra support during the load-out project of our customer we were asked to supply several 35 and 50 tonnes hydraulic winches. These winches were to be used alongside the push/pull skidding system. Equipped with manual control valve on the side of the winch, these winches are easily controlled on site. For extra safety measures these winches have a 3/4 drum guard.

Mobilisation HLCV

In the first week of June we mobilised several winches and hydraulic power units on a Heavy Lift Crane Vessel in the port of Rotterdam.

Turn-key winchsystem

For a customer specialized in heavy transport and exceptional lifting projects, we built 8 winch units. The units can be operated by radio remote control. Due to the compact construction of these sets, exactly 4 units fit into a sea container.

Hydraulisch spudpaalsysteem voor stappenponton


Diesel Hydraulische Unit voor heikraan


Backhoe ponton


Tiltable spud leg arrangement for backhoe dredger

This tiltable spud leg arrangement is especially design for dredging pontoon 'Mathis".

Stock delivery: Four-point mooring systems

DEGRA made three four point-mooring systems at short notice. The sets are constructed and tested in the Netherlands. Subsequently, our service engineer installed the sets on site in the Gambia.

Hoisting frame for multicat

At short notice, DEGRA designed and produced a hoisting frame for on a multicat. The frame is transported in a container The hydraulic unit is equipped with radio remote control. Also, on the frame we added some cameras, making it possible to have a clear view on the load from the wheelhouse. The Work Load Limit is 75 kN.

Dredging head with EPDM hoses

For a dredging project of our customer we supplied a dredging head with EPDM hoses. The hoses are more resistant to strong acids.

Engineering according to NDA

Just so you know we have the possibility. Again we are engineering and building projects for our custumers in full confidentiality. A non-disclosure agreement is of course your possibility to ensure we will handle your project with at most confidentiality. Also, please understand that not all interesting projects we work on can be on our website. With or without an NDA, we handle your projects the way you request.