Engineering your solutions



2x 20t winch with drum guards (Turn-key)

These electric hydraulic power packs with 2x 20t hydraulic winches were delivered to our customer at the end of March.

Slurry pumps

In the autumn of 2020, these two SP65, two SP20 pumps with 45 kW power pack and hoses were ready for Ravestein Shipyards and Construction Company. Ravestein specializes in heavy steel structures such as bridges, lock gates, roll-on / roll-off jetties, jack-up platforms and backhoe dredgers.

Verhuur lier DHW7600 set met aandrijving

This DHW7600 40-ton A&R winch was completely renovated this year and used for a rental project.

Complete winch package

The Enguri dam in Georgia is the third tallest dam in the world. This complete winch package will be used there for dredging work. Because we deliver the total package, winches and drive are geared to each other and the application.

Durable upgrade 50 year old winch

In 2020 we upgraded a 125 ton traction winch with associated storage winch and a pre-coiler this year. The setup is used to pull power cables from offshore wind farms to land.

Overview projects 2020


Building EHTU 22 power on the spot

By making the EHTU 22 power unit demountable and and building it on spot we made it possible to provide a tugger with a new power pack.

Revisie lier

This winch has been completely overhauled and design improvements have been made.

Renovation temporary drawbridge

In the authentic center of Dordrecht, the Engelenburgerbrug is a monument that connects the historic city center to the peninsula "Het Nieuwe Werck". Built in 1910, the bridge will be renovated in 2020.

The six advantages of DynIce

Wire rope or a synthetic rope? We always equip our winches with the best choice depending on the application. Recently we added DynIce to this list.

From idea to delivery in 2,5 week

The project took 2.5 weeks from idea to realization. During this time, a technical design was made and the set was built in our workshop. The winch has a number of special technical features and is extra robust and thus prepared for the extreme conditions around the Arctic Circle.

The Excavator Winch System

A collaboration we look back on with great pleasure is one of our latest projects with Nacap, a pipeline and diversified energy infrastructure constructer servicing markets in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Nacap’s challenge was designing a system to transport heavy equipment, such as pipeline equipment, up muddy slopes during the construction of large-scale pipeline and facilities projects. It is now a task well within Nacap’s capability, thanks to a collaboration with Dégra and the development of the Excavator Winch System.

Stainless steel winch

This week we’ve given this special winch the finishing touch.

‘Super Raptor’ mobile powerhulk

The "Super Raptor" is a hydraulic powerpack. The powerpack is compact and mobile but not less powerful.

Winch with special Dyneema rope

Not only is this set another project we’re proud of, but also it contains a special Dyneema rope and a load measuring system.

Winch with load cell read out


Hydraulc system for cutter Beaver


5t Hoisting winches with geared cam switch


Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit


Jack-up system for pontoon

We engineered a jack-up system for the new Jack Up Barge of our customer. Complete with cylinders winches and a high-end 4 x 45 kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit integrated in a 20ft container.

Constant tension winches


50t winches with ratchet

For extra support during the load-out project of our customer we were asked to supply several 35 and 50 tonnes hydraulic winches. These winches were to be used alongside the push/pull skidding system. Equipped with manual control valve on the side of the winch, these winches are easily controlled on site. For extra safety measures these winches have a 3/4 drum guard.

Mobilisation HLCV

In the first week of June we mobilised several winches and hydraulic power units on a Heavy Lift Crane Vessel in the port of Rotterdam.

Turn-key winchsystem

For a customer specialized in heavy transport and exceptional lifting projects, we built 8 winch units. The units can be operated by radio remote control. Due to the compact construction of these sets, exactly 4 units fit into a sea container.

Hydraulisch spudpaalsysteem voor stappenponton


Diesel Hydraulische Unit voor heikraan


Backhoe ponton


Tiltable spud leg arrangement for backhoe dredger

This tiltable spud leg arrangement is especially design for dredging pontoon 'Mathis".

Stock delivery: Four-point mooring systems

DEGRA made three four point-mooring systems at short notice. The sets are constructed and tested in the Netherlands. Subsequently, our service engineer installed the sets on site in the Gambia.

Hoisting frame for multicat

At short notice, DEGRA designed and produced a hoisting frame for on a multicat. The frame is transported in a container The hydraulic unit is equipped with radio remote control. Also, on the frame we added some cameras, making it possible to have a clear view on the load from the wheelhouse. The Work Load Limit is 75 kN.