Hägglunds overhaul and revisions

As a partner of Bosch Rexroth, we at DÉGRA are able to offer Hägglunds Original Service. Backed by a worldwide network of specialists we can take care of your hydraulic drive; whether it is a single spare part or a complete overhaul, we take care of it.

Our proactive course of action gives

Extended service

To extend the lifespan of your equipment you can use our services such as: onsite training, onsite condition monitoring, technical support and maintenance recommendations.


After an inspection carried out by Hägglunds you can decide to get your drive revised. Such revision gives you a drive that has been overhauled and tested to factory standards; ready to serve again for decades.


With our broad experience in Hägglunds drives we can assist you with modernization of existing equipment; including product updates and upgrades with minds set on future use. Modular Hägglunds products are ment for a lifetime of flexibility. Current spare parts can replace older parts so that you benefit from new part advances.

In house experiene

Over the years, we gained experience with the Hägglunds Viking motors. These motors are widely used among winch applications and therefore we can supply exchange motors when yours needs maintenance. Also, their corresponding accessoires like the brake bands, brake band cylinders and motor brackets are mostly in stock.


Hägglunds Viking MK44, MK64, MB84.



I want to get my equipment overhauled

Get in touch with our team to discover the possibilities for overhaul.

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