Who is DEGRA?

We are a dedicated, personal, enthusiastic team with passion and love for our work.
Our goal is to make high-end, reliable solutions. Not only do we build a product, but in particular want to build good long-term relationships. As a client, you are a part of our team. So to be thinking along, but also being unburdened.

Our projects start with the most important question: For what use is the equipment needed?

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DÉGRA is a family business, founded in 1977 by Jan-Piet and Jannie de Graaf. In the early years, the main focus was custom dredging, suction dredgers as well as ditch machines and hydraulic systems.

In the past couple of years, DÉGRA has grown to be a service-oriented hydraulic specialist. Therefore we can arrange solutions from A to Z, with our growing team of now around 30 people.

Although we are growing, we still have and cherish the comfortable atmosphere within our company. Just like in the old days, we drink our coffee and eat our lunch together. Jannie still makes our team soup every now and then, which is very special to us. All in all, we enjoy that we still remain to be the family company as before.


45+ years of experience


As our company grew, we added more expertise to our team. Because of that, we now have a team of experienced engineers.

Engineering required for a thorough design for deck equipment including deck layout for a reel drive system, 4 point mooring system, under approval or class? We are pleased to work for you.

Why choose DÉGRA?

  • Unburdened from A-Z
  • Creative and solid
  • Quick arrangement

Over 45 years of experience

DEGRA is a family business, founded in 1977 by Jan-Piet and Jannie de Graaf. In the early years focused on customized suction dredgers, ditch machines and hydraulic systems. DEGRA has expanded its services in recent years. As we are service-oriented hydraulic specialists, we are able to realize project solutions form A to Z. We aim to provide solutions for a reasonable price and acceptable delivery times.

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Be a part of our team

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