Secondary Control System

Secondary Control System

Intelligent Energy Recovery Control System

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Remote Control Systems

Radio remote control systems

Control systems according to customer-specific design

Our systems are developed in detail according to project specifications, looking at, among other things, application, environment, intensity of use, user-friendliness, monitoring, signaling and machine safety. Nowadays control systems provide an enormous amount of feedback from sensors to the operator. In our systems we translate this code to visual, easy to understand displays.

The development of our systems always takes place in close collaboration with our customers. It is not necessary for our customer to have knowledge of our technology, but it is important that the user requirements and technical specifications of the machine are clear. Our engineers are happy to visit you on location to clearly identify customer requirements. We can also help you design and integrate the control system into your system from a drawing.

Our engineers remain closely involved in the projects, from concept to commissioning. To ensure that your operators can get started easily and the system works flawlessly, our engineers are present on site for instruction and fine-tuning of the controls.