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Enhance your machinery with advanced technology
Upgrade your machinery with the latest technology and monitoring systems available. At Dégra, we create new systems with smart technology and improve old machines to prolong the lifespan of existing machines. Over the past years, we have gained experience in installing monitoring systems on various types of machines, predominantly hydraulic ones.


Get personalized upgrades
We can upgrade your machinery to help operators and managers work better. Let us check your equipment and make custom upgrades to fit your needs.


Prevent Problems Before They Happen
Our upgrades help your machinery give feedback on things like oil quality and temperature. This helps you predict when maintenance is needed, so you can avoid downtime. Preventing downtime on machinery offers numerous benefits. It helps maintain productivity levels, reduces repair costs, and ensures smooth operations. Additionally, preventing downtime prolongs the lifespan of machinery, leading to long-term cost savings and improved efficiency.


Stay Ahead with Monitoring Systems
Our systems help managers and operators plan for maintenance and keep your machinery running smoothly. Trust Dégra to upgrade your machinery and keep it working its best. What we can monitor and control depends on the type of machine and the customer’s preferences. In collaboration with Hydro-CAN, various possibilities are available depending on your preferences. Let us know the issues you’re facing with your current machines, and we’ll be happy to brainstorm solutions with you.


Discover Our Projects
Explore our project page to see relevant projects we’ve worked on. Alternatively, get in touch with our engineers to find out how we can assist you.


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