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Hydraulic parts Bosch Rexroth

Degra is a Bosch Rexroth service partner for hydraulics. Therefore, we supply all hydraulic parts from Bosch Rexroth. For example, the hydraulic pumps and motors. Including the well-known Hagglunds and the axial piston pumps. Of course, the AV10, AV11 and A4VSO are on our list. Mail to for more information or the product you are looking for.

Bosch Rexroth motors and pumps

Bosch Rexroth has motors and pumps. First of all the A10VOA11VLO and the A4VSO. These pumps are known for their long service life, short reaction times, suction quality. Secondly their motors. The Hagglund CA and CB radial piston motors. Well known for their high power as well as their energy efficiency. Besides these well-known products we deliver everything from the Bosch Rexroth catalog.

Problems finding the right part? As a Bosch Rexroth service partner, we help you find it. Therefore, you can e-mail your part number or questions to

What is hydraulics

Hydraulics is a drive technology. Also known as a hydraulic system. Hydraulic fluids transmit both movement and force. In most cases this fluid is hydraulic oil. Degra is a hydraulic specialist. Accordingly, we focus on engineering, sales and rental of (mobile) hydraulic systems. Therefore, we sell all parts of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic System Parts

A hydraulic system consists of several parts. Namely a motor, pump and control valves. These hydraulic parts can be found on our website.

Advice hydraulics

Our work mostly consists of research and development. We improve hydraulic systems and apply noise reduction. As well as carrying out design improvements and finding and solving technical problems. Therefore, please contact us with your technical challenge or questions.