Buy or sell your equipment via Dégra. Please let us know what you are looking for, we know the market and what equipment might be available in the near future. Our technical advisors can also calculate what equipment is suitable for your application. We have various products on consignment for our regular customers:

(on the pictures a few of the items we had (may still have) on stock in May 2024):

Selling equipment

What can you do with it after your special project is over and you are no longer in need of this equipment. Help out some one else? Well maybe you wish to help out some, but not all. No problem, we understand the situation you are in and will help you out selling your equipment to make sure of a good price and nothing to worry about in the future.

Buying used equipment

A second hand winch or second hand HPU is an affordable solution. Depending on the history of the product and the price you want to pay we can offer in several ways from “as is where is” to full overhaul of equipment. Sometimes you are already so familiar with this special type or brand you do not wish to work with something other than this old type of equipment which has been on the market for decades. We look for high quality used equipment, so don’t judge the equipment by its to layer of coating and rust, but trust our family business to ensure when we sell, and you ask for overhaul, you get equipment which is as good as new.

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