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Set 12 ton hydraulische lier met EHPU22

DHW45 set with EHPU22
Set 12 ton hydraulische lier met EHPU22
Set 12 ton hydraulische lier met EHPU22
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Product description

This set consists of an EHPU22 powerpack and DHW45 winch. Both the winch and the power pack can also be rented separately or in combination with other or own equipment. Contact or for advice and the possibilities. 

Service and extras
Get started turnkey with this set with extra technical support on location. Our engineers ensure that the set is ready for use and can be started with just the push of a button. Depending on the application, it is possible to deliver many extras, including remote control.

120 kN @ 186 bar
Max. brake load 180 kN
Max. speed 1st layer 8 m/min @ 100 L/min
Wire rope storage
Wire rope diameter 24 mm
Wire rope capacity 220 m
Drum outer diameter 800 mm
Drum inner diameter 520 mm
Drum length 544 mm
Technical details
Gearbox KC 45 i=37,5
Length 880 mm
Width 856 mm
Height 815 mm
Weight excl. rope 875 kg
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