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Engelenburgerbrug Dordrecht

In the authentic center of Dordrecht, the Engelenburgerbrug is a monument that connects the historic city center to the peninsula "Het Nieuwe Werck". Built in 1910, the bridge will be renovated in 2020. Because the Engelenburgerbrug is one of only two bridges that connects the city to the peninsula, a temporary bridge has been built. The construction of this temporary bridge was engineered by DVA Engineering. In collaboration with DVA Engineering, we were able to supply two hydraulic winches and a power pack which are necessary to open the bridge. 


Technical requirements

For this project both winches had to meet a number of requirements. Both winches can lift up to 6 tons each, perfectly suitable to open a bridge of this size. In addition to the power of the winches a second important spec is safety. Even though it is a temporary bridge, all parts of the bridge need to be conform European Norms. 

Hydraulically driven and robust

Both winches are hydraulically driven by our standard electrically driven power pack. Like all Dégra winches, the winches for this project are robust and as compact as possible. 

More information

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