Everything under hydraulic control

Three phase asynchronous IE4 e-motors.

·IP55 protection, Class F insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 duty,
·Rated voltage 400V, Rated frequency 50Hz.
·Operation conditions: ambient temperature:-20℃~40℃, altitude≤1000m.
·Y-connection for motors up to 3kW and △-connection for 4kW and above
·Cooling method is Ic411.

Why Degra

  • Hydraulic specialists with 40 years of experience
  • Manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic winches, hydraulic power packs, industrial products ...
  • Design and manufacture of, high quality, ingenious hydraulic systems
  • Family business where knowledge is transferred from generation to generation
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Electricmotor 45 kW

Wonder SWF225M-4